Sunday, July 31, 2005

What a way to start out...

First- a word to AOL- Can we have a little more variety on the moods?

Well, so this afternoon I decided "hey, ya know what- I have not done anything in a long time related to this daddyshome web site I have been running for a long time.. Why not make a blog? Everyone else has a blog... "  

No- I would not jump off a bridge if everyone else was, mom.

Anyway- So I am getting ready to do this thing-- and my 4 year old son runs downstairs naked.. At least he was holding his towel. But, I digress. Seems his 9 year old sister fell and got hurt in the shower. So my wife goes up to check on her- sure 'nuff, she's bleeding.

Again naked, the 4 year old starts screaming that I need to come also- so off I go.

She had a horrible gash on the underside of her chin that, clearly, was going to need some stitching.  My wife went off to the hospital with my mother- while I showered and got the 4 year old ready for bed.  [EDIT: I read this back- and it looks like I showered.. I didn't shower-- I got the 4 year old showered and ready for bed. Not that I don't shower, I do.. but at that point I .. oh you get it.]

Many hours, and 5 stitches (and, I am sure, one heck of a ER bill) later she is home and wired.  My mom (her grandmother for those who need some help) decided she did so well that she would get a little ice cream... 3 scoops!  So I have a wired 9 year old girl with 5 stitches in her chin.

But, that might not be the worst part!  My wife and I have been planning a trip to Orlando- been planning it for months... Keeping it a secret. She went and told her tonight while she was getting treated.. 3 weeks to go, and the surprise is ruined.

Oh well, The doctor in 2 days. No Swimming in camp till the stitches are out.. and she's otherwise fine.

I'll see ya next time!  Like anyone is really reading this....