Monday, October 23, 2006

Cracks in the PTO shell.

The PTO President, back when she was threatening my wife, told us that we were the ONLY people not participating with the PTO. Friday, a note comes home saying that ALL the kids had a party- celebrating 80% participation school wide.

For those of you who are not burnt out helping with math homework-
If there as a group of people and 1 out of that group represents 20%, how many people are in the group?

For those who are burnt out:
1 / n = .2
1 = .2n
1 / .2 =  n
5 = n

This means, there are only 5 families at school or the PTO is not only extorting- but lying to do it. Extortionists would never lie, right?

I am really getting more and more disgusted that those people who are supposed to be teaching my kids (Teachers are the *T* in PTO) would be so unethical.

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