Sunday, August 7, 2005

Do not call means do not call...

AOL Note: YAY! The bot is fixed.. of course I am not using it this time..

Technically- it was legal. They were calling with a survey and it was only 8:54PM. They did not violate the federal or state do not call list.

So what?

I joined the list for a reason- I do not want people calling me at random. I do not want to hear about your political motivation. I do not want to take your survey. I do not want to be converted and I certainly will never be interested in sending you any money for whatever cause you might be calling about. The sure fire way to get on my "never give money" list is to call me and ask for money.

The current do not call lists do not go far enough..

At 8:54PM I had two young children in bed.  iVillage says that my 9 year old needs 10+ hours of sleep a night. This means, with a wake-up of about 6:45 that she should be in bed, sleeping, by 8:45. They also say my 4 year old needs in excess of 11 1/2 hours sleep! Since he wakes up around the same time-- he should be long asleep - having gone to sleep at about 6PM.. (OK, not realistic we all know- but it makes the point.)  TO let people make unsolicited calls to my home until 9PM the government is saying that my child's sleep and their personal space is less important than their right to ask what I think of the Village at Manalapan.

I disagree.  As much as SPAM has invaded our lives and seem out of control, so are these survey companies. In the past month I have received no less than 6 different survey phone calls.

It is time for the government to stop *ALL* phone calls with a comprehensive Do Not Call list that will require ANYONE calling my home, without a darn good reason (and, as the victim, I get to decide if it's a good reason.) to pay horrendeous fines.

My phone is not a marketing tool. It's not a survey tool. It's not a soapbox and it's certainly no house of worship... It's time for the DNC List to cover all phone calls.

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