Monday, August 8, 2005

Do not call Redux

Well, I know they are in UT.. At least that's what I get when I Google the number..   When I call the number back that was on my caller ID there is a whole thing about who they are and why they called. Nothing to make sure we get on their do not call list

So I went to which is the URL they give on the message.  They have no way, on the site, to add yourself to a do-not-call list. The site does show they are in UT, however.

I searched in their privacy policy and found, towards the end, instructions on how to opt-out of their surveys.. give them a call at 801-373-7735.

I called. It rang 4 times and then went to a fast-busy. I tried again and got an person who clearly spoke English (take that to mean the interviewers didn't) and informed her that we were called last night- and asked to be placed on the DNC list and then received another call this evening. She said "He didn't" and asked for my number. I provided it to her and she assured me I would be added to their DNC list "Right now".

I'd love to put together a list of all the survey companies and how you opt-out of their surveys. This way we can centralize the information so people can quickly opt-out.  Does anyone know of such a thing existing already?

I know it seems I always end my postings with "it's time...." (I noticed this myself last night) so:

It's time to opt out!

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